Valentines Day is not just for couples! Whether you are single or not, giving yourself some love on Valentine’s Day with this simple Ayurveda Daily Routine will have you nourished and energized and in love with the world!

Dinacharya is the Sanskrit term for daily rituals which when practiced regularly helps us support a life of optimal wellness, through daily and seasonal routines. Get started today – it’s a great day to love yourself first!

Morning Routine: 6 am – 10am

Tongue Scraping: Gently scrape the tongue with a tongue cleaner to remove toxins, freshen breath, and spark digestion

Oil Pulling: Oil is swished for about 5 minutes with your daily oral swish to strengthen gums, teeth, and eradicate harmful bacteria.

Drink Warm Water: to initiate digestions and aid with elimination. Drink a glass of warm water with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

Elimination: If not already part of your routine, begin sitting on the toilet to encourage elimination and consider taking Triphala, an Ayurvedic digestive tonic that tones the digestive system.

Neti-Pot: The process of irrigating and cleansing the nasal passages.

Nasya: Nasya oil can be used on its own or in conjunction with a neti-pot to clear, moisturize, and hydrate the nasal passageways.

Self-Abhyanga: Daily oil application through a loving self-massage is essential. Find your Dosha Oil here.

Asana: Yoga postures for a healthy body and mind. Try our winter yoga practice here.

Pranayama: The best balancing breathwork for your dosha and the season.

Meditation: Calm the mind with 5-20 minutes every day. this is essential for self-care. Try a guided meditation with Carol, who shared her practice with us.

Shower & Skincare: Incorporate your Vedaceuticals skincare ritual

Breakfast: Proper energy and nutrition for a successful day. Try the World’s Best Oatmeal for a loving and soothing start to the day.

Daytime: 10am -6pm

10 am – 2 pm: Harness the energy of Pitta dosha and tackle the day’s biggest projects. Your Agni (digestive fire) is strongest at noon; thus; plan the largest meal of the day at this time.

2 pm-6 pm: This time of day relates to Vata dosha. Hene, allow these hours for creative thinking and problem-solving. Rather than reach for that afternoon dose of caffeine or sugar, opt for a walk in nature to replenish your energy levels.

Evening: 6 pm-10pm

6 pm-8 pm: Flow with the energy of Kapha dosha, surrendering to the feelings of fatigue from your long and productive day. This is the perfect time to take a gentle yoga class like a Restorative or Yin practice to wind down your day. Enjoy a walk in nature or curl up with your favorite book.

8 pm-10 pm: Triphala Preparation, Gently detoxify, balance digestion, and promote healthy elimination patterns with the use of Triphala. You can take 2 tablets before bed.

Proper Rest: An essential time for the body to repair and detoxify. The ideal time for sleep is from 10 pm – 6 am.

Be gentle with yourself as you begin to make adjustments in your routine. Take one step at a time and don’t expect to implement this all overnight. Although these practices may seem simple to initiate, making changes to your habitual patterning is often the most challenging part. Begin with a recommendation that feels most supportive to your needs and build from there. Once your new routine becomes a habit, feel free to add on from there. Soon, your dinacharya or daily routine will come as second nature and its practices will be ones you cannot live without.

Happy Valentines Day




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