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The Seasonal Dosha Kit


The perfect self-care kit for someone just starting their Ayurvedic skin and body care routines. Our Starter Dosha Kit includes a free copper tongue scraper* and our Oral Swish, Facial and Body Toner, Nasya Oil, and Seasonal Body Oil.

*Free tongue scraper on new orders only – not repeat orders.


Not only is this a great way to introduce Ayurvedic herbs and practices into your routine, but this also makes the perfect gift for someone looking to experiment or as a travel kit for when you’re away from home.


Copper Tongue Scraper*

Oral health is of the utmost importance as it reflects the health of your body’s systems. By scraping your tongue each morning with our Copper tongue scraper, you’re helping to boost your immune system by ridding your body of toxins and bacteria that have built up overnight. The ergonomic design of our Ayurvedic Copper Tongue Scraper allows for a comfortable grip as you scrape your tongue first thing in the morning, even before drinking water or brushing your teeth. This simple step in an Ayurvedic morning routine will scrape away ama (undigested food) that collects on your tongue as a buildup which can lead to bad breath. (*free copper tongue scraper on new orders – not repeat orders)

Oral Swish

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic oral health care technique said to strengthen and whiten teeth, fortify gums, freshen breath, and hydrate the mouth while removing toxins from the system. 

Nasaya Oil

This infused nasal oil is used to nourish the nasal passages and to support seasonal allergies and sinus discomfort. By ensuring your nasal passages are clean, nourished, and moisturized, they can then do the job of protecting your immune system.

Body Oil

Soothe the body and mind at the same time with our Ayurvedic Body Oils. For best results, warm the oil if desired and massage it into the entire body. Let sit for up to 10-20 minutes before showering (the longer it sits, the deeper it hydrates!). Shower without using soap, allowing the warm water to transport the oil deeper into the tissues of the skin. After showering, pat dry, leaving some oil on the skin to continue nourishing throughout the day. 

Daily Mister/Toner

A hydrating face mist that quenches skin with hydrating oils and antioxidants. 


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