No matter how much we meditate or pray, we still need others to help us dismantle the walls of our isolation and remind us of our belonging.

I recently embarked on a traditional Ayurvedic cleanse.  I knew it was time, and I even embraced the idea with a little bit of excitement!  I love a good challenge, and I love exercising discipline, especially when I know what I stand to gain from it.  

I started my cleanse in mid January.  At home, talk of goals and hopes for the new year was the forefront of the conversation.  When I announced that I would be starting the cleanse, my eldest daughter volunteered to do it, too and I remember feeling such warmth and gratitude to have her support and companionship.  

We made it through together, and the experience was bonding. Then last week was really stressful, and I could feel it but after attending the Ayurveda workshop with Kerry at Bend The Bridge Yoga and enjoying some special time with friends –I had morphed into a different person. Had my external circumstances changed? No, but my mood was elevated and I had gained some much-needed perspective simply by being with others who made me feel more connected—to myself, to my family and to everyone around me.

Research shows women are particularly impacted by these types of connections. When we circle up for heart-felt dialogue, we release oxytocin (the cuddle hormone), our serotonin levels rise and our stress hormones decrease. (This data was one of the driving forces for the creation of the Holistic Highways private Facebook Group.

Looking back, I have thought so much about every single person who wants to do better in their lives, but doesn’t have the support that I unexpectedly found.  Can we go it alone? Absolutely. But what does it mean to us when we have someone special by our side? Uncharted territory can be scary, and sometimes we want someone there to hold our hand.  And it occurred to me, that is the beauty of The Holistic Highway.

When you join The Holistic Highway, you bring yourself under the care of founder Kerry Harling.   Her wealth of knowledge and deep understanding and appreciation for the ways of Ayurveda provide such warm shelter.  You add to that community by speaking with an Ayurveda Health Coach regularly, (that’s me!). But what’s more, when you join The Holistic Highway, you link arms with all the amazing people in the program.  Through our Holistic Highway Members group, you will meet men and women who understand what it is like to want change badly enough to not waste one more day seeking it. Shared experiences, laughable moments, and curious questions… you will know and feel support through the camaraderie of others who have set out on the same path as you.  

So if you find yourself reading this and need some support;  we have your back, we are your support. You don’t have to do this alone, begin the journey of your life by reaching out to join us.  Click the button below to schedule a complimentary consultation – because sometimes you just need a friend on the road to health!