It’s a beautiful New England morning on the bay. The air is fresh, warm and inviting. The sun dapples through the trees. My morning romp with Bailey – my 135 pound Great Pyrenees/St Bernard mix is goofy this morning. He chases squirrels, rabbits, butterflies and picks up shells on the beach and tosses them into the air. It’s a day for being outdoors. A day for hiking, biking, building sand castles on the beach and splashing in water. It’s a day to enjoy nature.

Yet, I have to work! I am scheduled to write this blog. So, I decide in this dog-friendly town to find an outdoor cafe to write my blog. One that I can take my 4 footed friend with me. Yes, I decide! That will be a great way to combine work and the beautiful day.

It’s a wonderful image, me with my laptop open, busy writing in an outdoor cafe overlooking the  water. The sun is shining and I am sipping on my morning brew with my faithful companion by my side. It’s just picture perfect, in my mind, and seems a great way to work today.

So it’s on- we are off to the cafe! I find one that welcomes dogs on its website and even offers special doggy granola! That’s clearly the cafe for us.

So, we pack up! Computer case, laptop, bluetooth mouse, pen and paper for inspiration. Pocketbook, oh yes, and must pack up for Bailey too.

Into the backpack goes water,  water bowl, poop-bags, and his slobber cloth as he is apt to drool mightily. Oh and his treats – just in case! Wow, it takes me back to the days when I used to pack up for a toddler – It’s amazing how much stuff I need to make Bailey mobile.

Now, armed with lots of his ‘stuff’,  it takes 2 trips to load up the car. And, we are off, Bailey’s head is hanging out the window and I am revelling in my role as ‘blog writer’ sans canine companion. We get to the next town, which apparently has more dog friendly cafes than my own and park! I load up the backpack, computer case, briefcase, and then the dog!

First thing he does is pee  – on someone else’s car. As I pull him away, I’m hoping against hope that the owners are nowhere near by. Off we go to find our cafe on the water. Bailey decides en route he has to pee on plant pots decorating stores, he pees on cornerstones, ornamental bushes, lamp-posts and even a bicycle (luckily without the owner riding it).

We make it to the cafe – a little worse for wear as hauling Bailey off as soon as he lifts his leg is somewhat exasperating! Inside the cafe – which does welcome Bailey and make a fuss of him; I order a coffee, croissant (after all – my image of the picture perfect day is me acting as if I was at a parisian cafe), and a granola cookie for Bailey for later!

Now – how to get said purchases to the table outside with dog, computer, briefcase, backpack, and purse. In fact, first problem was paying for said purchases with arms full of dog, computer, briefcase, backpack and purse!

So, trip 1: to the bistro table on the deck overlooking the bay actually takes care of the drop-off of tools for the job. I drop off the laptop, briefcase and bags. I try and drop off Bailey too so that I can go inside and pick up the tray of morning breakfast. He is not having it though, I say ‘stay’…and he does, till I move towards the cafe. He is not staying especially as the best smells are coming from inside the cafe not out on the deck!

I take him with me and then pick up the coffee, croissant and dog cookie and we both trapse back to the table. Aaahhh…it is beautiful here. The sun is sparkling off the water, the air is fresh but warm and it is just gorgeous!!

I look over at Bailey who is totally transfixed on my croissant and is drooling mightily which remember,- he is apt to do! I find his drool cloth and clean him up. I sip on my coffee and relish that although it was quite cumbersome getting to our outdoor spot – it was well worth it!

Bailey decides at this point to wander off, so I take his leash and tie it to the leg of the bistro table. That way I can work without having to worry about holding onto him. Okay – to work! After all that is the purpose of this trip!

I pull out my laptop, open it up…..and can’t see anything on the screen. The sun is shining so brightly that it obscures the screen. Oh no, I cannot use my computer after all! No problem I think to myself – I’m an old-fashioned kinda girl and have a notebook and pen at hand in my briefcase. I pull that out, open it to a brand new blank page and think about writing.

Bailey is now panting. I am so prepared though, back to the backpack I go for his water and water bowl. I fill it up and he looks at me as if to say  , hmmm nice – but that’s not the croissant!

I close my eyes and enjoy the warm sun on my face. The seagulls are crying and I hear the high pitched call of an osprey overhead. I inwardly give thanks for the opportunity to live on a body of water as beautiful as the Narragansett Bay. I sip on my coffee, take a bite of my croissant and contemplate what people might like to read about in my ayurveda blog for summer.

And then – in a  blink of an eye – it all happens!

A seagull, also attracted by my croissant swoops down onto the deck and goes for a piece of my breakfast. Bailey, the ever faithful guard-dog (of the croissant, not me) lunges for the seagull, barks and gives chase… as he takes off after the gull. His leash is still attached to the table,and over it goes. The coffee goes flying all over my computer, the cup bounces off the wooden deck, the croissant is hurled several feet – and I am left sitting in a chair wondering  what happened.

Bailey doesn’t go far – as far as the croissant was hurled and I am left watching my dog eat a coffee soaked croissant, still attached to a fallen bistro table.

I pick up my computer – put my notepad and pen back in the backpack. I repack Baileys stuff. Put the table right side up, pick up the coffee cup and plate and decide to go home.

As I am driving home wishing I had at least drunk more of my coffee, I wonder at my lesson.

Be careful of expectations … and never, never tie your dog to a table!!

Welcome to Summer….

Oh and here is my YouTube video of how to make  Ayurveda coffee with ghee.  I made this as soon as I got home.  

As always, I would love to chat with you. Just use my online scheduler below to find a time that works and while I can’t help you with dining el fresco with your dog – I can certainly help with the foods that are right for you!

In health,