How many times have we set a list for ourselves only to find we scrap that list by the end of January?  This year, we implore you to find a new way to do New Year’s. Follow our five simple steps to revitalize your life in a way that you are sure to keep.

  1. As you look back on the past year, what memories do you cherish?  Which experiences make you smile? Much like cleaning out a closet, let’s freshen up our lives.  These moments of happiness and success are things you want to keep, like your favorite cozy sweater or that pair of shoes you purchased and have worn every day since.  What changes worked for you in 2018? Let’s keep those going.
  1. Do you remember the old wedding adage  “something old, something new, something borrowed…”?  Something old- what have you hung on to long beyond its use?  If it isn’t serving you, let it go. Jot these outdated habits  down on a piece of paper, one by one. At the end of your list, sign your farewell and literally let them go.  Throw them in the trash, shred them to pieces, or toss them on the fire. Check out these wonderful mantras for letting go.  
  1.  It will be easy to remember your next steps if you just remember this: something new.  Is there something you have always wanted to try, somewhere you have always wanted to go?  There is no better time than now!
  1. But let’s not forget something borrowed.  When you look around to the people you admire, what skills or habits do they live by?  People that inspire us make wonderful guides in our own lives. Look to them and borrow something for your own routine.  
  1. Something blue?  This year, let’s make this adage end with “something you.”  At the end of the day, this life is about you. If you don’t treat yourself the way you want to be treated, why should anyone else?  Be that guide, be that role model you so admire. Be that person for others around you, yes; but more importantly, be that person for yourself.  This year, choose something that is entirely for you. Not sure where to start? Try a simple idea from this list.

Sometimes that last step can be the hardest.  We often struggle to put ourselves first. But what good are we to others in our lives when we are burned out and falling behind?  A little self care goes a long way, and at The Holistic Highway we can show you how to get started.

Want help achieving your New Year’s goals?  Call us today for a complimentary consult and let us help you with a plan that is customized to meet your personal needs! Let this be the year that your resolutions mean more to you than just a list to be thrown out.