It’s Spring! Plants and flowers will start to bloom and the dreaded allergy season starts! If you are worried because this time of year your allergies start – take a look at the tips for your body type.

When I moved from England to New England, one of the toughest challenges I had to face was a New England winter. It’s COLD!!!!

And just when I felt that I couldn’t take any more cold and snow, spring would slowly show itself by small sprigs of green that would poke through the snow-covered ground to signify that the worst was over; spring was just around the corner!

Spring! My favorite seasons: a time for renewal, re-growth, and re-energizing. Days become longer, the light is energizing and the temperatures become warmer; before you know it, plants and flowers begin to bloom.

But for some, spring is one of the most-loathed seasons because it’s Allergy Season. (That part about plants and flowers isn’t so great for everyone!)

In Ayurveda, the presence of seasonal allergies means that our immune system is out of balance, creating sometimes violent reactions to pollen, dust, mold, and dander. An allergic condition can be caused by an imbalanced dosha, too many toxins, or ama, in the system, or insufficient digestive power, or agni – all of which can, to a large extent, be dealt with using the right Ayurvedic tools.

If you are a Vata, your Vata conditions are aggravated by dust and mold, which cause you to experience headaches, sneezing, wheezing, and muscle aches.

It is vital to stay hydrated, and purify your digestive system throughout the day by drinking lots of warm water with a squeeze of lemon. This will help the toxins move out of your body. Also try eating on a regular basis (“regular” may be a novel idea for a Vata)-every 3-4 hours, as a regular metabolism helps pacify Vata.  Don’t forget to rest at night and lights out by 10 pm.

If you are a Pitta, you are affected by environmental pollutants, dust, non-breathable synthetic fabrics, and pet dander. You can also experience headaches – even migraines, skin rashes and digestive problems.

It is important for you to drink lots of cool water, try adding cucumber or lime juice to remove the toxins that most affect you. Eat your biggest meal of the day at lunch and avoid spicy, stimulating foods such as coffee, tomatoes and chocolate. Rest up and be in bed by 10pm.

If you are a Kapha, you probably already have your stock of Claritan ready! You are affected by pollen, grasses, – in fact anything growing and blooming.  Allergies turn to congestion in you and you end up with coughs, lung congestion, runny eyes, excess mucus and a heavy, stuffy head.

It is advised for you to dry up that congestion by adding warming and drying spices like cinnamon, ginger, pepper and chilies. Anything hot and spicy works well at liquefying that congestion for you to remove.

One of my favorite ways to get rid of dust and environmental pollutants, especially at the beginning of allergy season, is by using a Neti pot. This can help to bring your sinuses back into balance.

I hope these tips help you to better handle the allergy season which is currently upon us! Need more help with your allergies? Set up a complimentary consult today!

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