When we observe nature, we see how life harmonizes with the seasons. Isn’t it interesting how a squirrel knows what foods to store for winter, and your dog knows how to keep cool in summer. What we have done – for the most part is ignored the change of seasons. Just changing our clothes from one season to the next is not enough. Its is also important to look at what happens as we transition in between the seasons. If you are feeling out of sorts, a little more fatigued, have a cold, or allergies,  its due to the change of seasons. Illness is much more likely to occur at the junctions of the seasons, when Vata is aggravated. Take a look at why you may be feeling out of sorts – it’s the transition between seasons. 

We often think of the seasons as drastically different form one another. For this reason, they are a source of some of the major changes that we undergo throughout the year, we change our food, exercise regimen, lifestyle and even our clothes. We forget, however, to also consider the periods of transition between each season. The moments right before and after a change in season can be very intense, and if we don’t take care of ourselves can end up sick. The transition from winter into spring is a major transition, so it’s important to add more nourishment and self-care during this particular period.

As we change from winter to spring, our metabolism (digestive fire) fluctuates which can cause digestive toxins to accumulate, even if you are careful about your diet and routine. For this reason it is a good idea to do a detox during this change of seasons. Naturally as we go from the heaviness of winter, we want to lighten up a little and naturally detox. The changing seasons also aggravates certain doshas, so cleansing at this time can be helpful in reducing the accumulation of Vata, Pitta or Kapha.

As we approach spring, Kapha becomes more dominant  and this is the best time for all constitutions to clear Kapha. Toxins that have accumulated through the winter begin to surface. This is the best time to clear them in order to avoid illness during the following summer season. Spring is warm, liquid and soft, like Kapha. During this season, accumulated Kapha begins to liquefy in the early part of the season, leading to the common occurrences of colds, sinus congestion, and allergies. It’s your body’s way of saying it is time to internally spring-clean!

Guidelines for Seasonal Routine

  • Favor a lighter diet
  • Follow some type of cleansing program – check out my online cleanse
  • Wake up earlier – with the sun
  • Get outside more – start doing more outdoor activities
  • Avoid talking naps during the day
  • Keep cool, as the weather heats up in late spring
  • Get out and enjoy the beauty of nature

Not sure what to do for you this seasonal change? Feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation with me so that we can decide together what would be best for your health goals.

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