We are so often told that you should eat breakfast, its the most important meal of the day. Others say you should fast – especially if you want to lose weight! But did you know that breakfast is as simple as looking at your dosha and the season? Get your day off to the perfect healthy start with my dosha specific healthy breakfasts, bursting with nutrients to keep you going all morning.

What is the best breakfast for Vata?

Vata is the body type (or dosha) that tends to be cold, light, dry and anxious. When Vata energy runs high, you’ll have dry skin, cracking joints, constipation, indecision, scattered energy and/or cold hands and feet.

Vata does best with warm, wet, unctuous, well-spiced and hydrating foods. Foods that grow below the earth, such as root vegetables, are perfect for Vata because they provide a grounding quality not only to the body but also to the mind. Vata thrives when breakfast includes plenty of lubricating fat and stabilizing protein. My personal favorites are rice porridge with dates, ghee, and cinnamon, or sweet potato with collard greens.

I also love a warm fruit soupy! A fruit soupy is basically cooked fruit blended together. It’s really delicious—I love it. So as a vata person, you just have to eat breakfast, make sure it’s warm, and create a routine around it.

Here are a few of our favorite vata balancing breakfast recipes:

What is the best breakfast for Pitta?

Pitta is the body type (or dosha) that tends to be hot, sweaty, oily and frustrated. When Pitta energy is high, you’ll have oily skin, headaches, loose stool, irritation, skin rashes, inflammation, and pain.

Pitta thrives on cool, clean, juicy, high-fiber, mildly spiced foods. Foods that are high in protein but low in fat, such as millet, green algae, fish, sea vegetables and lentils, are great for Pitta because they fuel the body without clogging the liver. Pitta also thrives when breakfast includes cool fats and clean protein.

Here are a few breakfast ideas for Pitta:

 Ayurvedic Breakfast for Kapha

Kapha is the body type (or dosha) that tends to be cool, heavy, slow and congested. When Kapha energy is thick, you’ll have clammy skin, edema, water retention, slow metabolism, lethargy and/or poor circulation.

Kapha feels best with warm, light, high fiber, well-spiced foods. Foods and herbs that grow above the ground, such as bok choy, cabbage, spicy sprouts, lentils and asparagus, are wonderful for Kapha because they provide an uplifting quality to the mind and body. A vegetable-rich diet, particularly vegetables that possess a pungent, bitter or astringent flare, should be eaten in abundance.

Kapha may be tempted to skip breakfast – but morning is an essential time to balance blood sugar. So to help with this, eat light, early dinners. That will help you rev up your metabolism, feel lighter and want to feed your body in the morning.

Here are a few breakfast ideas for Kapha:

I hope these ideas inspire you and help you come up with Ayurvedic breakfasts that are perfect for you! 

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