The Ayurvedic Process

We often get asked “How?” “How do you help people? How do you create long-lasting positive changes? How does Ayurveda work? etc…”

The answer is simple, although perhaps not all that sexy. We have a well thought out process that takes people from their current health situation to where they want to be. We say it’s not sexy because people don’t want to hear that the answer to their problem requires following a process. Everyone wants an instinct fix, a magic bullet and we get that. I get that. Having a process, a framework, a formula or whatever you want to call it isn’t a quick fix, but it is highly successful.

Below is the process we use with every one of our clients that goes through one of our treatment programs (learn more about our programs here). We share it with you because whether or not you work with us, someone else, or chose to manage your own health goals it’s important that you analyze exactly whether or not there is a method to the madness. There is to ours, and you can see below exactly how we guide people on the road to great health. A highway to health if you will…The Holistic Highway.

Stage 1: Discovering What Makes You, You!
We are all different. We each have different genes, responsibilities, jobs, families, and environments. Our transformational wellness plans begin by understanding everything about you – from the stresses of your job to your genetic makeup.

Key Objectives

  • Acquire Your Health History
  • Discover Your Dosha
  • Uncover Your Genetic Makeup
  • Understand The Root Cause Of Your Underlying Imbalances
  • Identify Your Health Goals
  • Develop Metrics By Which Success Will Be Measured (Less weight, more energy, etc…)

Key Activities

  • Complete Intake Form
  • Initial 2-4 Hour Consultation
  • Ayurvedic 8 Point Examination
  • Complete Genetic Testing

Stage 2: Developing Your Personalized, Transformational Wellness Plan

After discovering more about you than any other health professional you have ever worked with, it’s time for us to get to work. In this stage we develop a personalized, transformational wellness plan that is unique to you, and no one else. This plan, developed based upon the rigorous discovery in stage 1, has the following framework:

  1. Introduction To Your Dosha – Understanding exactly what your dosha means for you.
  2. Outline Of Measures Of Success – Identifying the measures by which success is tracked + defined health goals based upon these measures.
  3. Diet Plan – Based upon your dosha and genetic markers.
  4. Exercise Plan – Based upon your dosha and genetic markers.
  5. Lifestyle Plan – Based upon your dosha and genetic markers.
  6. Herbal Plan – Based upon your dosha and genetic markers.
  7. How To Implement Your Plan – Week by week plan of key activities, foods, exercises, and lifestyle tips to implement so that you know exactly where to start, and how.
  8. Yearlong Timeline – Highlights all the consults, calls, cleanses, check ins, resources and opportunities that you can, and should take advantage of throughout your program.

Key Objectives

  • Create a unique health plan for you that will serve as the roadmap to great health.
  • Identify the measures we will use to track your success so that we are both aligned behind the same goals.
  • Understand your genetic makeup (we test 32 specific genes), and how your genetic predispositions influence our recommendations and treatment plan.

Key Activities

  • Research
  • Reviewing results of genetic tests
  • Health team creates your personalized transformational plan
  • 1 hour plan return meeting done via skype/zoom or in-person

Click Here To See A Sample Plan (Note: This plan is based upon a real person’s genetic information and dosha. In no way should this plan be used for your own health).

Stage 3: Plan Implementation and Ongoing Maintenance/Support

Permanent positive transformation of your health takes time. We don’t believe It’s enough to give you the roadmap to great health, which is why your plan has built in support, accountability and community so that you are never alone on the road to great health.

Key Objectives

  • Ensure changes necessary to achieve health goals
  • To make sure plan is being followed
  • Tweak plan if necessary, based on unexpected consequences.
  • Track results against agreed upon measures
  • Continual education
  • Cleansing when appropriate
  • Develop a long term relationship with your Ayurvedic Practitioner
  • Meet like minded people on the same journey as you
  • Enjoy rejuvenating ayurvedic treatments

Key Activities

  • Consistent (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) consults depending on your plan choice.
  • Access to the Ayurveda Library which includes
    • Seasonal Foods List
    • Seasonal Rejuvenation Program
    • Seasonal Routines
    • Seasonal Self-Care
    • Seasonal Yoga Sequences
  • Access To The Ayurveda Cleanse. Either online or in unison with your practitioner depending on your plan.
  • Access To An Ayurveda Meal Plan. 5 meals each week that are chosen with your dosha in mind. Includes shopping lists, meal writeups, recipes and more! Click Here To View An Example Week
  • Email support. Have your questions answered even when you don’t have a consult scheduled.
  • Customized Ayurveda Starter Kit. (Includes massage oil, spritzer, facial wash and facial serum)
  • Weekend at the restorative Ayurveda Sanctuary -locations change, but are always at luxurious resorts.
  • Track measures in progress documents.
  • Monthly group educational calls
  • 4 Seasonal consults to adjust your plan according to the season
  • Access to The Holistic Highway Facebook group. Ask questions of us and others on similar plans!

To learn more about our programs and how they can help you achieve your health goals we welcome you to schedule a complimentary consultation with us.