A lot of thought went into our name. It means a great deal to us and incapsulates our ethos as a brand and our philosophy on health.

Let’s start with “Holistic.” This is fairly straightforward, especially with those of you that are familiar with ayurveda, but holistic is characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the physical symptoms of a disease. Every aspect of our being is connected, and cannot be viewed in isolation. Our mental health effects our physical health, and vice-versa. Our spiritual health effects our mental health and vice versa. Our physical health effects our spiritual health and… well… you get the idea.

We don’t view health problems in isolation, but rather as a symptom of a larger underlying imbalance that is interconnected with every other aspect of our mental, physical and spiritual health. Modern medicine, for all its amazing advances has become incredibly silo’ed. We specialize and sub-specialize until we have doctors that although incredibly knowledgable in  their area of expertise, fail to see the whole picture  – whole,  wholistic… see what we mean?! :).

But what about “Highway?” Why is the word Highway in our name? Beyond creating an alliteration that roles off the tongue, we incorporated the word highway into our name because it speaks to the journey we are all on. Achieving mental, physical and spiritual well-being is a journey, a road if you will. The Holistic Highway is an avenue (another “road” related word… isn’t language fun!) for people to reach optimal mental, physical and spiritual health.

You see, our name is more than just a name to us, it defines our guiding principles and communicates the value we deliver to our patients around the world. Below is our Manifesto, that highlights exactly why we take great pride in calling ourselves, “The Holistic Highway.”

Our Manifesto

It’s never been easier to be sick. The daily rigors of life in the 21st century create tremendous stress on our bodies and take a serious toll on our health. This problem is compounded with unhealthy foods, sedentary careers, and a culture of medicine that treats the symptoms, not the underlying causes.

We are all different. We have different genes, live in different environments, and have different responsibilities. Why is it then, that modern healthcare treats us all the same?

Put another way, instead of prescribing Tylenol for a headache we prefer to find out why you are having headaches to begin with. Using the principles of Ayurveda, along with the amazing advances of modern technology, we work with you to discover what makes you, you in order to determine the underlying cause of your health problems. This allows us to create a completely personalized treatment plan designed to get you back in great health.

This is medicine as it is supposed to be. Simple, thoughtful and tailored to you. It’s Ayurveda, it’s genetic testing, it’s long-term partnership, and it’s the key to great health and in turn a great life.  It’s not always easy, nothing so impactful ever is, but it is simple. As simple as taking one step, the first step down the road to great health.



To learn more about our programs and how they can help you achieve your health goals we welcome you to schedule a complimentary consultation with us.