I think you would be shocked to find that I am a natural skeptic of Ayurveda. In fact I’d never even heard of it until 3 years ago.

However I’m not CEO Kerry Harling, although I am an owner of The Holistic Highway. Who am I? My name is Justin Timlin – Kerry’s son, and I’m here to give you a perspective on Ayurveda that most people can’t give. The view on Ayurveda from someone who owns an Ayurveda business, yet is not a practitioner or a converted follower.

Intrigued yet?

So a little about me. I’m 27 years old, and my passion is not Ayurveda.  My background is in business. I started a solar finance company in undergrad, and am currently pursuing my MBA in renewable energy finance.

In short, what makes me tick is building businesses that help people and/or help the planet. And that’s why I now own an Ayurveda business.

I’m the business guy here at The Holistic Highway. Making sure the ship stays on course, that we develop a brand known for treating each person as a unique individual, unlike most modern medicine, and that we continue to grow.

This business started as my mother Kerry simply sharing her passion for Ayurveda with people, and trying to help them in any way she could. At the time, I didn’t really understand what my mom was doing . However, she was incredibly passionate about this thing called “Ayurveda” and when she asked me to help out, I dutifully obliged. At the time I was a brand and marketing strategist and simply did some of the things I did for my clients, I was just helping out my mom. Out of this limited partnership, The Holistic Highway was born.

As we worked together I became more and more familiar with this unique school of medicine. Now, I’m a man ruled by logic and reason, so hearing about an ancient system of medicine from India and “doshas” made me raise an eyebrow. “Does this stuff really work?”

After 3 years behind the scenes, I can tell you, without a doubt, that Ayurveda works.

And the reason it works is so shockingly simple it makes one think how in the world is modern health-care so expensive and messed up?

Ayurveda works because it recognizes that we are all unique, and as such need different things. What makes me healthy might not be right for you. After all we live different lives, have different careers, live in different environments and have different genetics.

I’ve seen first hand the incredible transformation our clients have had by making simple, sustainable changes to their diet and lifestyle. Combine this with ongoing support and accountability and you have a recipe for success.

And that’s where we shine. We don’t just tell you what to do, our programs have the built in support you need to achieve you health goals (see a sample plan and accompanying support here). We are also doing some really exciting things to further our understanding of our patients. For example we have just incorporated genetic testing into our plans so that we can get to know you down to the molecular level.

For those of you on the fence about the effectiveness of Ayurveda, take it from a skeptic. It works. If you want to know the things you can do right away to start living a healthier, happier lifestyle, I welcome you to schedule a complimentary consultation with the best Ayurvedic Practitioner in the business. My mom Kerry! (disclaimer: I’m biased). Schedule that below.

In Good Health,

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