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How do I determine MY

We are all different. We have different genetics, different body types, different lifestyles and live in different environments. This quiz is designed to identify your unique bio-individuality type, or in other terms, your dosha. Once determined, you can use this information to make lifestyle, dietary and supplement choices that are best suited for you.

Please check the answer that best describes you. If multiple answers describe you, you can check more than one answer. Answer the questions based upon your long-term tendencies and not according to how you feel today. As with all self-reporting assessments, you are answering based on what you think rather than necessarily what you are, so you may need to ask someone who knows you really well. Enjoy!

1 My facial features are:
Select all that apply


Narrow & long.(V)

Angular & pointed.(P)

Round & full.(K)

2 Which of these best describes your frame?
Select all that apply


I'm lean and thin and don't normally put on weight.(V)

I have an athletic build and maintain muscle tone even when I gain weight.(P)

I'm full-bodied and put on weight easily.(K)

3 Describe your hair type:
Select all that apply

Dry, thin, brittle and/or frizzy.(V)

Silky, straight, early greying or reduced hairline.(P)

Thick, full, lustrous, wavy and/or oily.(K)

4 What is your response to hunger?
Select all that apply

Hunger doesn't really effect my emotions.(K)

I feel anxious or weak if I don't eat.(V)

I get angry and irritable when I don't eat.(P)

5 What group of health problems do you most often have?
Select all that apply

Pain, headaches, anxiety, constipation, bloating, depression.(V)

Skin infections, redness, heartburn, hypertension.(P)

Allergies, congestion, weight-gain.(K)

6 Describe your elimination:
Select all that apply

I tend to have constipation and when I go it is hard and dry, sometimes pellet-like.(V)

I go more than once a day and tend towards diarrhea and loose stools.(P)

I go regularly and my stool is normal.(K)

7 How do you make decisions?
Select all that apply

I often make decisions based on gut instinct.(V)

I ask lots of questions and assess every angle before making a decision.(P)

I prefer someone else to make decisions.(K)

8 How do you prefer to spend your free time?
Select all that apply

Being creative: dance, art music, writing.(V)

Intense activities: competitive sports, debating, challenging myself, adrenaline inducing interests.(P)

Relaxing: reading, gardening, watching TV, knitting, observing nature.(K)

9 Tell me about your memory:
Select all that apply

I often forget things, even important things.(V)

I never forget.(K)

I remember the things that are important to me.(P)

10 What is your sleep generally like?
Select all that apply

I am a light sleeper and often have trouble staying asleep.(V)

I often have trouble getting to sleep, but I usually stay asleep.(P)

I love my bed.(K)

11 Describe your energy levels:
Select all that apply


I'm like a hummingbird, I have lots of energy for short periods of time, although I tire easily and need a break.(V)

I'm like a sled-dog, I have a steady amount of energy, but when I'm tired I use determination to push through.(P)

I'm like a tortoise, it takes me a while to get going, but once I do I can go for a long time.(K)

12 Which best describes you under stress?
Select all that apply

I become anxious and/or worried.(V)

I become irritable, intense, and/or aggressive.(P)

I become withdrawn and/or depressed.(K)

13 Tell me about your attitude:
Select all that apply

I am flexible, changeable and quick.(V)

I am ambitious, competitive and intense.(P)

I am calm, patient and peaceful.(K)

14 Which best describes how you feel when confronted?
Select all that apply

I want to run - get me out of here.(V)

Let's have it out - I love a good fight.(P)

Let's make peace - I hate confrontation.(K)

15 Tell me about your attitude toward routine:
Select all that apply

Routine? What routine? I hate routines!(V)

I don't always have a set routine, but I do usually formulate a plan for whatever I want to accomplish.(P)

Routine is great - I work really well with a routine.(K)