The Anti-Diet Webinar - Finally do it right with Ayurveda!

THURSDAY January 28th 7PM EST / 4PM PST

Anyone else being inundated by messages to start a new diet, to do a hard reset, to undergo a massive change starting this month? Are you overwhelmed by all the competing weight loss promises, supplements and programs that are flooding your in-box.

Me too - I see  it!

What if we didn't? What if we just don't succumb to the diet-spiral?

Too many of us are stuck trying to manage our eating, only to find that the more that we try to manage it, the more that we are spiraling out of control.

Stop fad dieting, start losing weight, and reshape your life.

I bet you agree that we all have different body types; then it’s easy to understand that each of us has a distinctive genetic, anatomic and functional  make-up and obviously, different metabolic, nutritional and fitness needs.

No matter what you’ve been reading elsewhere, when it comes to exercising and eating to lose weight, one diet does NOT fit all – you simply must determine your specific body type and then it's like having a blueprint that tells you what is right for you. 

It just makes sense, doesn’t it?

Join me for a free webinar as we take the Ayurvedic path to good health and abundant natural energy to achieve your ideal shape and weight without having to resort to counting calories, fat grams or protein units. Finally learn what is right for you.

Register now for the Anti-Diet Webinar and become part of a group of Anti-Diet Warriors who enjoy guilt-free eating, intelligent exercising and little known mind hacks to get you slim, healthier, happier - faster without grueling workouts or sheer willpower. 

PS - We will also be offering a free copy of my book, The 25 Day Ayurveda Cleanse!